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How Can Psychotherapy Help?

Psychotherapy with Dr. Dhrymes can help you live a more fulfilling life.How Can Psychotherapy Help?

If you’re feeling less-than-your best, one possible cause could be depression. What should you do? If you’re already working with a doctor for your depression, definitely reach out to him or her and see if they have any suggestions–it could be that you need an adjustment of medication or some other treatment. However, psychotherapy can be a good solution too. Consider these ways that psychotherapy can help depression.

  • Reduce Symptoms – A psychotherapist can help reduce the symptoms associated with being depressed and help the client feel overall better. Fewer symptoms usually lead to an overall improved sense of well-being and happiness.

  • Create Goals  – A psychotherapist can help the client put together goals that they can work towards. When tailored properly, these goals can often really help someone in a depressed state and can give someone a base from which to build.

  • Improve Communication – When a person is feeling depressed, often their communication may be affected. Working with a psychotherapist can help improve your communication skills.

  • Work Alongside Medication – In many cases a psychotherapist can provide some help that works alongside the medication you may be already taking. When you add these treatments together the results can be much more effective and help you achieve more stable moods and a better disposition.

Treatment with a psychiatrist near you for depression can help you in many other ways too. If you would like more information or you want to speak to a psychiatrist near me for depression, reach out to me, Jim Dhrymes MD. Located here in New York, I’m dedicated to helping my patients any way I am able, with whatever ails them — including depression. In fact, the treatment of depression is one of my areas of extensive expertise.