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Information about therapy with Dr. Dhrymes in New York City

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General Information

During Dr. Dhrymes’ training and prior experience working in hospitals and outpatient clinics, significant limitations were noted in terms of time, as well as demands for information by outside parties related to participation in insurance plans. Insurance plans’ structure is designed to discourage longer, more detailed visits and to focus primarily on medication alone. Insurance plans also regularly request charting and substantiation of the patient’s need of a certain level of treatment or care as part of their process.

Thus, in his private practice, in order to provide comprehensive, maximally confidential care, Dr. Dhrymes does not participate in any insurance networks, meaning that he is an out-of-network provider.

What does “out-of-network” mean?

Out-of-network is a group of benefits that some insurance plans provide. Typically having these benefits means that a doctor does not need to be “in-network” in order for you to be able to receive at least some reimbursement from your insurance company. If you contact your insurance carrier, you should be able to be advised of whether or not your coverage includes these benefits. 

Questions to potentially ask:

Specifying that you are inquiring about mental health benefits for video or in-person visits, questions to potentially ask your insurance company could then be:

  • What is my deductible? (Amount required to be paid by you, after which the insurance company begins to reimburse you)

  • What percentage of the cost of the visit do you cover?

  • What is the maximum amount you cover for a video visit with code 90792-95 (the initial video consultation)?

  • What is the maximum amount you cover for a video visit with code 99214-95 (follow-up visits)?

  • If you are interested in seeing me for therapy as well as medication management, the codes are slightly different – please let Dr. Dhrymes know and he can discuss the specifics with you.

Visit Fees

  • Initial consultation: $650

  • Follow-up visits: $500 (up to 30 min)

  • Follow-up visits: $550 (up to 45 min)

  • Home visits: $600 (up to 30 mins)*

  • Home visits: $750 (up to 60 mins)*

Please note that the above is provided in good faith as a means of attempting to clarify what can be a very confusing situation. There are certainly many potential exclusions, loopholes, and additional complexities of which the doctor may not be aware, but hopefully the above will point you in the right direction. No responsibility is assumed on the part of Dr. Dhrymes for interaction with the insurance company or for the scenario where the actual reimbursement is not what you had anticipated. However, if you do have a question regarding any of this information, please contact Dr. Dhrymes and he will be happy to try to clarify it for you.

* Home visits in Lower Manhattan to be arranged on a case-by-case basis, and are reserved for specific circumstances only. If you’d like to arrange a home visit, please contact Dr. Dhrymes directly.