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Having trouble falling asleep, Dr. Dhrymes treats insomnia

Tips for Insomnia for all of us Having trouble sleeping is one of the most commonly reported symptoms I encounter in treating patients in private practice, as well as in the hospital. At a time like this, where are activities have been significantly affected, these symptoms are even more prevalent, even in people that don’t […]


Therapy for anxiety can help you live a more fulfilling life.

Do you often feel restless, fatigued, or overwhelmed with worries and thoughts of what might go wrong?  Anxiety can hinder your ability to succeed at work or in school and interfere with romantic and interpersonal relationships. Reach out to arrange effective treatment for anxiety. You may be able to develop skills to control your anxiety […]

What is OCD?

Fact versus Fiction If you are arriving via Instagram, you already know what some of the fictional ideas about OCD are. They include: Doing the same thing repetitively, over and over again: in and of itself, this is not OCD. Getting really into something, like being “obsessed” with it: also not OCD if not associated […]