Billing and Insurance

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One of the areas that Dr. Dhrymes enjoys about working in the private practice setting is that time constraints are not a significant issue, as they had been in clinics in which Dr. Dhrymes worked in training. Dr. Dhrymes enjoys spending a sufficient amount of time with each patient both at evaluation and at follow-up visits, and hopes that all patients feel as if they are not rushed and that their struggles are understood, a situation which might not be possible when needing to see several patients per hour.

Insurance companies’ fee structures are often set up in a such a way as to discourage longer amounts of time spent with patients, and to confine the discussion to a relatively narrow scope. 

Thus in his private practice, Dr. Dhrymes has elected not to participate in any private insurance panels in order to allow for complete and thorough treatment. 

Many of Dr. Dhrymes’ patients do have out-of-network benefits- reimbursement often leaves out-of-pocket cost similar to that of a specialist co-pay. You will be provided with a bill at the end of each session with the data and codes that are typically required for out-of-network claims. Please contact your insurance company prior to your visit to verify what type of benefits you do have (see below). Payment is due in full the day prior to the date the service is rendered and is accepted by Zelle, Health Savings Account cards, or credit card.

If you would like additional information on what “out of network” means, visit fees, and potential questions to discuss with an insurance carrier, please click here.

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